Game Of Thrones Season 7 Predictions – Complete Plot

Thanks to another Reddit user Maureencreates, who took efforts to make sense out of the leaked information and present it in a chronological order. This user also shared the links which support the plot summary proposed by him.

He also mentioned that none of this is confirmed but there is a high possibility of the season 7 turning out in the following way.

Episode 1

The White Walkers continue their march towards the Wall. Bran crosses the Wall and ends up meeting the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Edd Dolorous.

Sansa wishes to give the land of those who betrayed Jon Snow to those who supported him. However, Jon doesn’t agree to it as he feels Karstark and Umber children are not responsible for the actions of their fathers.

Daenerys Targaryen reaches Dragonstone along with her fleet. Tyrion follows her as she walks graciously towards the war room of Stannis Baratheon to plan her battle strategies.

Episode 2

Daenerys sends out a raven for Jon Snow and all the Northern Lords requesting their presence at Dragonstone. Jon and Ser Davos accept the invitation and march in order to collect some dragonglass. This glass can be used to kill the White Walkers.

In the process, Jon leaves his sister Sansa in charge of Winterfell. His direwolf Ghost is also left at Winterfell to protect Sansa.

Episode 3

Jon Snow and Ser Davos reach Dragonstone. They are welcomed by Tyrion Lannister at the beach and their ship is taken away by the Dothraki.

The much anticipated meet happens between Jon and Daenerys in the presence of Grey Worm, Missandei and the Dothraki. Khaleesi asks the former Lord Commander to bend the knee which he firmly refuses. In return, she doesn’t believe his story about the White Walkers. Tyrion tries to pacify the situation.

Meanwhile Bran reaches Winterfell and his companion Meera leaves for her home.

Episode 4

Arya Stark arrives at Winterfell. No need to mention anything else over here.

Episode 5

Samwell Tarly leaves for Winterfell along with Gilly and his child. Ser Jorah reunites with Khaleesi at Dragonstone and Jon Snow receives a raven informing him about the arrival of Arya and Bran at Winterfell.

Ser Davos, Tyrion, Jaime Lannister and Bronn have a meeting without the knowledge of Khaleesi. Tyrion tries to convince his brother to surrender in front of Daenerys. Jaime ignores this request and they are ambushed by Khaleesi’s army.

A forgotten character, Gendry is making weapons in Kings Landing.

Episode 6

This is the penultimate episode of the 7th season and a lot is expected to happen. Jon Snow leads a small force to capture the White Walkers. His force is supposed to include The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund, Jorah and Gendry. They are attacked by the Night King’s (White Walker) army.

Thoros is the first one to die. Jon’s small army is surrounded by the Walkers on a frozen lake. Just when they feel that their end has come, Daenerys arrives at the scene with her Dragons. Except for Jon, most of them fly back with the Khaleesi. Jon is saved by his uncle Benjen in the knick of time as he sends Jon off along with his horse. The latter succumbs to the White Walkers.

Viserion(the dragon) gets killed while fighting the White Walkers.

Episode 7

Littlefinger is sentenced to death by Sansa. Arya does the honours. Samwell and Bran together figure out that Jon is a legitimized Targaryen whose name is Aegon.

The fall of the Wall concludes the last episode as the Night’s King (White Walker) attacks the wall with Viserion the dragon.

You may watch Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 online whenever it will be on air.

We repeat that none of this is claimed by us. A Reddit user shared this information on the basis of certain images and another Reddit user made some sense out of the scattered information.


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